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So, what’s WhatsApp? It is a popular messaging social media platform. Currently, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion monthly active users in over 180 countries. The number of users on WhatsApp is growing day by day because it’s an instant messaging app, but have you considered it for your business? Oh yes, we are talking about WhatsApp advertising. 

Businesses should start considering WhatsApp as a new avenue for customer communication, given that billions of users use it frequently. Suppose the latest Facebook Messaging Survey is any indication. In that case, the majority of consumers are probably going to stick with a brand they interact with directly and continue to be loyal to it. WhatsApp gives companies the ability to communicate with customers directly, gain their trust, and cultivate brand loyalty.

WhatsApp marketing is one of the best and most modern ways to promote your products and services, with billions of consumers using WhatsApp multiple times a day. Businesses begin looking for WhatsApp, and it becomes easy to communicate and send direct messages to customers.

Through this medium, marketers can reach a large audience, cultivate enduring client relationships, and boost sales. You may offer round-the-clock customer service and convert more leads into paying customers.

 WhatsApp ads play a major role in modern digital marketing because WhatsApp advertising is about more than simply making sales; it’s also about interacting with clients in a kind, helpful manner while also honouring their privacy.

How does WhatsApp advertising help grow your business?

WhatsApp advertising helps your business in several ways. It allows you to stay in touch with your customers and send them personal, direct messages to build a strong relationship. More than half of WhatsApp users check the app daily. You have to be sure that your offer is worth opening the message, as text messages have a 98% open rate.

WhatsApp advertising can help your business expand in several ways, including by promoting direct communication, increasing client engagement, and forging closer bonds with clients. 

The following are some strategies that WhatsApp marketing can use to expand your company:

  • Transactional Messages: Use WhatsApp to send transactional messages like confirmation of orders, live tracking of orders, and receipts. This will help your customers easily receive updates from the business.
  • Customer Support: WhatsApp is the easiest way for customers to connect and raise their queries. With WhatsApp, you can quickly respond to questions, complaints, and problems, which enhances the general client experience.
  • Promotional Messages: After getting the user details, businesses know their customer’s requirements and needs, so you can send them offers, updates, and personal messages to drive sales.
  • Group Discussions and Community Development: WhatsApp helps you to create a community with your customers where you can solve their queries, share updates, and create a loyal customer base.
  • WhatsApp status feature: The status feature is where you can upload a status only for 24 hours. This will allow your business to share updates and promotions and engage with your customers with the latest offerings.

WhatsApp Automation: WhatsApp Api will help you send automation messages for effective client relations and the capacity to manage a greater number of inquiries.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy:

  1. Define your objectives and KPIs: It is essential to define the goal of WhatsApp marketing. This step will help you focus on drawing the line between pointless pursuits and engaging in significant activities.
  2. Target the right audience: It is very important to find and target the right audience for your business. To identify your target audience, you might experiment with various strategies that will help your business drive sales and generate ROI.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do customers choose to purchase your goods over those of your rivals?
  2. In what way are you assisting them with their problem?

And many other questions will help you find the best audience for your business. These questions will help you send the right message to the right person, and that’s the audience you want for your business.

  1. Build a buyer persona: Building a buyer persona helps you find the relevant buyer and helps you find what kind of people will show interest in your products and services. Through this approach, you may refine your marketing strategies, gain a deeper understanding of your target market, and strengthen your overall business plan.
  2. Create personalised messages: Personalised messages on WhatsApp can be an effective way to connect with your audience and strengthen your marketing efforts. Personalised messages will help you build trust, increase engagement, and build brand loyalty.
  3. WhatsApp remarketing campaigns: The remarketing campaign of WhatsApp is Re-engaging with users who have previously communicated with your business on WhatsApp is the goal of WhatsApp remarketing campaigns. With the help of this tactic, you can get in touch with old prospects, persuade them to take a desired action or get them to buy your goods or services again.

Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools:

  1. Wati:

Wati is one of the best WhatsApp API partners allowing you to send bulk messages for communication, customer support, and various business-related activities. Wati’s interface is very easy to understand for users, You can create customised messages for your WhatsApp campaigns.

To utilize WATI CRM’s services, you can select between two pricing options: the Standard plan, which is $49 per month, and the Professional plan, which is $98 per month.

One conversation entitles one user to receive an infinite number of notifications within 24 hours following the initial exchange. After you cross the cap, each discussion will cost you a fixed amount. Depending on the nation, the price per chat varies.

  1. AiSensy

With AiSensy, you can leverage the power of WhatsApp to expand your business to thousands of users by utilizing official WhatsApp Business APIs.

Along with several smart platform features like WhatsApp retargeting campaigns and unrivaled customer support by phone call, WhatsApp, email, or Google Meet, AiSensy is a full suite of WhatsApp engagement tools.

  1. DelightChat

DelightChat is a mass WhatsApp sender that offers complete WhatsApp marketing solutions designed with e-commerce companies in mind. The WhatsApp broadcasting function, e-commerce use cases, and shared team email are what set Delightful Software apart.

  1. Interak

With the help of Interakt’s WhatsApp Engagement Suite, you can launch bulk campaigns, automate notifications, and manage agents and chats with a multi-agent team inbox. With Interakt, we reach new heights of productivity and efficiency.

  1. Brevo

Brevo is a certified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and Meta Business Partner.

It provides the entire selection of WhatsApp campaigns and functions as a WhatsApp marketing tool.

Brevo provides you with access to the WhatsApp API through its own platform as a bulk WhatsApp sender. As a result, you may handle WhatsApp contact lists and design and send campaigns without the technical knowledge typically needed to deal with APIs.


To summarise, WhatsApp marketing is a game changer for businesses and by taking leverage of these tools we can develop direct interactions with consumers to increase engagement and loyalty. WhatsApp shows to be an essential instrument for successful and efficient digital marketing, helping firms to prosper in today’s competitive world.

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